There Is But One Ocean

There Is But One Ocean

Clean Ocean water photo

A collection of writings on hope, inspiration, and comfort from the sea 

Articles and resources on protecting the environment of our one globally connected ocean 

Things to think about, things to take action on

Hope, Inspiration, Comfort

These articles and photos are intended to give you inspiration, give you pause, maybe give you something to think about.

The Sea Is So Big... by Nancy Richardson

Prayers for Sailing Through Life Ashore and at Sea

They That Go Down to the Sea in Ships

The Ocean Environment

As the headline says, there is only one big Ocean. It's a a connected wonder of systems that all affect the human environment.

Ocean Literacy

Boating Clean & Green: It's Up to You

Visit Our Facebook Page About Plastics in the Ocean Environment. It started out being about straws, but we all know there's much more involved

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