In Memory of Anthony J. Smythe, ship photos

Anthony J. Smythe was a long-time Cunard employee who lived in Liverpool, England. When he retired from Cunard he continued the photography he had pursued for decades. The location of his apartment, overlooking the harbor at Liverpool, gave him an outstanding vantage point for photos. So, too, did his many years of devoted service to Cunard, which contracted with him to photograph important events, including the launch of deployment of Queen Mary 2 and the last call of Queen Elizabeth 2 to Liverpool.

We got acquainted with Anthony over the telephone when he called from England to inquire about some facts of Cunard history he needed confirmed and explored. Over a few years, we talked regularly and he sent us photographs of his work.

Sadly, Anthony passed on. But the memory of him and his great experiences live on through these photographs that we now post in tribute to a very nice and talented fellow.

Click the photo to open the gallery.

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