One Great Ocean

Photo of people watching a tall ship sail past

There is but one great ocean, the seas, the lakes, and all waters finding their way back.

And everything and everyone on Earth depends on the waters of our great ocean in some way, for sustenance, for change, for commerce.

So we look toward the ocean as our inspiration, our lore, our destiny.

It is a gift to use and enjoy, to conserve and protect.  


Look Here for Inspiration from the Sea

The Sea is so big and my boat is so small. May we sail in Peace, with one and all...

Hailing the Sea Services: Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, Merchant Mariners, NOAA, NASA

We're all in the same boat,

Shipmates Sailing planet Ocean,

on shore and sea, in sky and space

They That Go Down to the Sea in Ships

Some Quotations About the Sea(link is external)

Prayers for Sailing Through Life Ashore and at Sea


Our Ocean Environment

Ocean Literacy(link is external)

Ocean Literacy(link is external) Education Overview from the National Marine Educators Association

Ocean Literacy Under Sail (pictures)

10 Ways You Can Save Our Seas (picture)

8 Ways You Can Use Less Plastic (picture)

North American Marine Environment Protection Association(link is external)

This Can't Wait. (link is external)This Facebook page started out in an effort to deal with plastic straws in the ocean environment. With that issue settled in California and some other places, we've expanded to other ocean-related environmental issues. We post relevant articles of real news.

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