Costa Deliziosa World Cruise Port Call in San Pedro 2013

This was the maiden call of Costa Deliziosa to San Pedro and the Port of Los Angeles. We presented a plaque to commemorate the event.

But a couple of things made this ship visit even more of a special event for us. First, a select group was invited to spend the day on the ship, exploring, dining at the buffet, and enjoying the complimentary wines served to the world cruise passengers. We also were able to hand out a large amount of information on the area for passengers to enjoy their port call even more.

We were allowed to organize a larger group to come in the evening. That night we made the plaque presentation to the captain. He was very nice, but it seemed like he had other things he would rather attend to. We had, however, done a little research on his career at sea and the ships he served on. And we had gotten into our collections and found ship brochures, and ashtray, and all kinds of other memorabilia from his ships. He was thrilled.

We then had dinner in the top private restaurant which features a demonstration kitchen. Then it was off to the disco and an open bar exclusively for us.

We know Costa hospitality well and very much appreciate it.

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